Innocent Spouse Relief

Many an unsuspecting spouse signs a joint return without having any idea about the correctness of the return prepared by the other spouse. By signing a joint return, both spouses are obligating themselves to pay the entire balance owed, including penalties and interest, and any later amount found to be due and owing after an audit. Not just one-half! Not just their share from their income! All of it!

The “Innocent Spouse” provisions of the tax law were enacted by Congress to give some relief to one spouse who finds herself liable for her current or ex-husband’s tax debts.

  • The innocent spouse must show she didn’t know (or have reason to know) of the husband’s tax deficiency (For the sake of ease of reading, and in recognition of the now lawfulness of same-sex marriages, but at the risk of sounding chauvinistic, we will use the feminine terms for the “innocent” (or claimed “innocent”) spouse, and the masculine terms for the “non-innocent” spouse.)
  • This relief is not easily obtainable and should not be attempted without the assistance of a tax professional to fight for you
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