IRS Collection Notices – Stop the IRS before a Lien or Bank Account Levy!

Have you been receiving letters from the IRS and unsure what to do and whether the IRS can take your asset?  You are not alone.

The situations where the IRS can levy assess liability is typically initiated when the Taxpayer owes but neglects to pay the IRS.   With that said, the IRS will issue a series of letters and/or notices to inform the Taxpayer of the circumstances. This situation may come about in several different scenarios:

  1. IRS issues a Notice CP 2000  that goes unanswered
  2. A Final Notice (CP 90, CP 91, CP 523) is issued and the Taxpayer does not respond;
  3. Failure to pay the IRS; or
  4. Ignoring the IRS after multiple attempts to resolve the liability;

Although there’s a mix of final notice/intent to levy letters, you know the IRS is serious about the levy if it is sent via certified mail with a deadline of 30 days “from issue date.”

The options available depend on your situation.  The most important step is confronting the liability head on and stopping the levy before the levy puts a hold on your life and bank account.

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