Free Consultation?

Mr. Heinkel is not a fan of the free consultation because it is frequently a waste of everyone’s time. You get what you pay for, right?

You can’t expect someone to adequately analyze your problem and advise you of alternative solutions in a short, 4- or 5-minute phone call. And you can’t expect a highly-qualified tax attorney with more than 30-years of experience to spend an hour so with you for free, can you? And that’s what it takes to properly diagnose your problem and suggest alternative options. I learned many years ago that if all I did was give away my 20 years of education and 30 years of experience, I would soon go broke.

So sure, we’d be happy to speak with you for a few minutes free of charge, see if there’s “chemistry”; let you ask us about our experience with your type of problem; or maybe you just have a quick question or two.

But if you really want to handle your problem correctly, then (like going to the doctor), you need Heinkel Law Group, PL to do a complete and thorough analysis and diagnosis of your IRS problem. Then we can discuss with you your options; the pros and cons of each option; discuss what you can and can’t do; and what IRS can and can’t do to you. That’s what we call a “Game Plan” consultation. We won’t tell you what you want to hear; we will give you the right answers with the right solutions based on YOUR facts, not a cookie-cutter solution.

And here’s the kicker: probably 75% of the time, that’s all our clients need. Either the situation can be handled by the client himself after direction from us, or maybe you just want a second opinion, or maybe we can solve the problem during the meeting. (Just one example – we solved one client’s $1,000,000 tax problem with the State of New York in our one-hour initial, $400 “game plan” consultation. What a deal, huh?)

It doesn’t matter to us. What matters to us is that we give our clients the “right” answers whether it makes us money or not. I know that if we keep our clients’ best interests at the forefront, we will always have plenty of business. We always do, and business is great!