In many situations, bankruptcy can wipe out your tax debt, but your entire financial situation and timing has to be examined by an accounting, tax and bankruptcy professional. Bankruptcy can be a powerful weapon against the IRS, especially if it looks like an OIC might not work for you. The beauty of a “tax bankruptcy” (which is simply a regular bankruptcy the filing of which is timed to maximize the discharge of taxes), is it can also wipe out state tax debts; medical bills; credit cards; etc. Compare to an OIC that only addresses federal tax debts – not other debts that maybe troublesome to you.

CONSEQUENCE: Filing the Wrong Kind of Bankruptcy or Filing Too Soon Won’t Wipe Out Your IRS Tax Debt!

It is an extremely complicated process, and should only be left to a tax law and bankruptcy attorney like Larry Heinkel. It is imperative that before anyone actually files for bankruptcy protection, they consider the timing of their bankruptcy! Many times taxpayers do not wait long enough and after filing find out they still owe the IRS! What good was filing bankruptcy if you still owe the most powerful debt collector in the world afterward? There are people who would have successfully discharged their tax debts if they had waited as little as two more weeks! Timing is everything. Let us guide you.

SOLUTION: The Right Bankruptcy Might Free You of Debt, Bills and Judgments – And the IRS!

The seasoned professionals at, together with attorney Larry Heinkel through his separate law firm, Law Offices of Larry Heinkel, PA*, need to evaluate your situation to determine if you are eligible to have your tax debt discharged. The discharging of income tax debts through bankruptcy is an important, difficult but possible three-step process. In our approach, the first step is for us to research the facts of your particular case to make sure the taxes are dischargeable. If they are, then a bankruptcy attorney can go to the second stage and file the bankruptcy (if we determine the taxes are not yet dischargeable, and you need to wait some period of time, we can work with you and the IRS to negotiate as small a monthly payment as possible until the required period of time has passed, and then you can execute stage two – the actual bankruptcy). In either case, once you have received your discharge in your bankruptcy, we do the third and final stage, which is to contact IRS to obtain their agreement that your tax debts were eliminated. Afterward, you will find yourself free not only of credit card debt, medical bills, and judgments – but free of the IRS as well!
* Due to the fact that is not licensed as a law firm, all work that must be performed by a licensed lawyer cannot be performed by HLTG; you are not required to but may utilize the services of Larry Heinkel, as an attorney through his law firm, The Law Offices of Larry Heinkel, PA.

HOW TO TAKE ACTION: Consult with Larry Heinkel before making any decision.

How would you like to be free of tax liens? Free of bank account levies? Free of continuing wage garnishments? Free to live your life again and sleep soundly at night? Would you like that? To find out if bankruptcy is right for you, contact us today!

Mr. Heinkel has developed a nationally-recognized reputation as one of the foremost experts in the dischargeability of income tax debts and receives referrals from bankruptcy attorneys and other tax professionals from throughout the country (including recently Hawaii). As a result, Mr. Heinkel’s separate, independent law firm discharges millions in tax debts for its clients every year.