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It seems as if everywhere you look a tax consultant, usually some out-of-state, faceless firm, is promising “pennies-on-the-dollar” tax settlements and “guaranteed results”. Look closely… does your tax consultant employ a licensed attorney, CPA, enrolled agent and former IRS Appeals Officers? Does the firm usually handle tax problem-resolution law full-time or is it a sideline for them? Do you meet with a licensed tax attorney, or just a salesperson earning a commission? You have a right to know! And you have a right to rest easy with our tax law professionals by your side. We are in your court, and we know how to work with - and even fight - the IRS for your best result.

Here are Some of the Most Common Tax Troubles:

Probably the most common tax problem people face is unpaid tax debts that mount quickly with penalties and interest into an amount that soon becomes impossible to ever pay! Worse, the IRS is the most powerful and relentless debt collector in the world. Learn More ››

Having unfiled tax returns is a common tax problem. The IRS takes a severe view of unfiled income tax returns, and sees this as a pattern of behavior that can be construed as criminal. The IRS does not have to negotiate with you, no matter how dire your circumstances. Learn More ››

There are several options to eliminate your tax debts. These include (i) expiration of the statute of limitations on collections, (ii) a settlement via Offer in Compromise, (iii) challenging the actual amount of the liability, (iv) discharging the tax debt through bankruptcy. Learn More ››

One of our favorite areas of work is representing individuals and companies during an IRS or state Department of Revenue audit. Larry Heinkel and the team he has assembled have many years of experience to make them eminently qualified to represent you. Learn More ››

Most people are surprised to learn that "older" income taxes CAN be discharged in bankruptcy, and most bankruptcy lawyers don't understand the intricacies of this area of tax problem law. Larry Heinkel is a nationally-recognized expert in this area. Learn More ››

Ignoring your taxes can lead to the IRS addressing them for you, in ways you might not appreciate. Enforced collection of taxes often takes the form of an IRS wage garnishment. The IRS can decide how much of your monthly income it needs to pay off your debt. Learn More ››

If your worst nightmare comes true and you're investigated by the IRS' Criminal Investigation Division, you could do a lot worse than hiring HTLG to represent you. Attorney Kenton Sands, formerly with the U.S. Justice Department's Criminal Tax Division. Learn More ››

Larry Heinkel's team has been providing successful tax help in Central Florida for more than 30 years. It is experienced in solving state and federal tax problems and has represented clients in hundreds of Department of Revenue and IRS tax cases.

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