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Top 10 things to know before hiring a representative.

Is your representative a lawyer and the company a law firm?

Non-law firms cannot offer all the options a law firm can!

Is the representative making a recommendation without first gathering and analyzing the facts of your particular case?

Beware a representative who makes a recommendation without first conducting a complete and thorough review of the facts of your case. Would you trust a doctor who made a diagnosis without first taking x-rays, doing blood work, or otherwise finding out what’s wrong with you? Many representative provide a “one-solution-fits-all” approach to tax problem work. If they aren’t lawyers, that may be because that’s the only solution they are allowed to offer. That’s why we always start with a Game Plan consultation – to give you all your options. Trust your gut. Whom do you feel most comfortable hiring?

In your initial call or meeting, are you speaking with an attorney or a salesman?

With us, you speak with a very experienced attorney, not a salesman, who will answer your questions and design your personal game plan based on the attorneys’ years of experience.

Do they disclose their physical location so you could visit them in person if you want?

We are located in St. Pete, but often meet clients in Orlando (and a few other places); but we have had clients as far away as Hawaii, Los Angeles, Maine, NYC, TN & others.

Does the representative have actual knowledge and experience in bankruptcy law and how bankruptcy may help your situation?

We have an active bankruptcy practice and many times bankruptcy is a much better solution than an Offer in Compromise – ask us why!

Does the firm have past clients you can actually telephone or email for references?

Many firms quote fictitious people like “J. Smith of Chicago says…”; we don’t. We have actual past clients as references (click here) that you are free to email or call.

Does the firm hide behind a faceless name with an 800 telephone number and unknown address location?

See if the representatives have their photos and resumes posted right on their web site, like we do.

Does the firm tell you what you want to hear (just to collect a fee), or is it honest with you when you have a bad case?

A salesman wants to make a sale; we focus on giving you the right answer, whether we make money or not – it’s just the right thing to do.

Does the firm seem more interested in collecting your fees than ensuring your well-being?

We have heard of many situations where the Offer being made is doomed to fail, but because IRS often takes 9 months to give its response, unscrupulous representatives allow payments to be made over 8-9 months, knowing full well that by the time IRS rejects the OIC, the fees will have been collected.

Has the firm been doing IRS Representation work for more than 30 years?

Mr. Heinkel has been a nationally-recognized tax problem lawyer for more than thirty (30) years, and has personally trained and supervised his staff.

Can taxes be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

Yes, Bankruptcy Taxes can be Discharged in Bankruptcy – Ask Us How!
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Actual References

These are former clients that have given their permission to be used as a reference.
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