consequences of failing to pay taxes
Consequences Of Failing To Pay Taxes
Most all debt is unwanted and burdensome. When you have a significant amount of debt you are limited with what you can do in your free time. Travel takes money, extracurricular activities for your kids takes money, even everyday activities like filling up your car to go to work takes money. So when your budget is stretched by credit card payments, car loans, and mortgages it can be hard to find extra cash for extras. When tax debt is added to your personal consumer debt, a tight budget can really
The Expense Of A Balanced Budget
One of the most difficult tasks for the federal government is to balance the budget. Just like you and I want to get out of and stay out of debt, so too does the United States. Getting there is problematic though, and requires compromise. Lawmakers spend countless hours debating how to balance the budget, where to make cuts and how to increase federal revenue to cover the deficit. A common method politicians use to raise money is to raise taxes. This tactic is generally not popular with the voting
march madness
March Madness
The month of March brings more than just the first day of Spring, it also brings basketball. Lots and lots of basketball. The annual NCAA tournament is legendary, and all across the country people feverishly fill out a bracket in hopes of picking the tourney’s ultimate champ. The science behind a “perfect bracket” likely doesn’t exist, but other truths are present. One certainty in March is that in just one short month income tax returns are due, and questions of taxes run rampant. The hope

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